Anti-Ligature Hardware & Accessories

Architects, facility managers, and healthcare administrators can improve psychiatric patient safety by specifying and installing antiligature products in hospitals, rehabilitation and mental health facilities.  A variety of the products available are depicted below.   Grab bars are ADA-compliant and meet the ADA and ABA Accessibility Guidelines for Buildings and Facilities.

Anti-Suicide Grab Bars

Anti-Suicide Grab BarAnti-suicide grab bars are fabricated to meet the ADA specifications while including a closure plate that prevents anything from being tied to the bar in the 1.5″ offset from the wall.    Grab bars are typically available with a concealed or an exposed mount.

Anti-Ligature Hooks

Anti-Ligature Hooks Anti-Ligature or “break away” hooks have a spring loaded mechanism that flips from an upward to a downward position when excessive load is applied to the hook.  These hooks are available with a concealed or an exposed mount.  Hook strips include four or five individual hooks that are integral to one unit.

“No Glass” Security Mirrors

Anti-Ligature Hooks Security mirrors are fabricated from bright polished stainless steel and contain no glass.   When mounted properly, security mirrors adhere directly to the wall with no gap that could be used as an anchor point.  One-way security screws should be used to fasten the mirror to the wall.

Break-Away Shower Rods

Break away shower curtain rodBreak-Away shower rod flanges are spring loaded to release the rod when excessive load is applied.  The flanges are fabricated with an opening in the downward position and held in position by the spring.

Recessed Toilet Paper Holder

Recessed Toilet Paper HolderRecessed toilet paper holders are fabricated as one integral unit and should be flush with the mounting wall to eliminate anchor points.    The recessed paper receptacle is just wide enough and deep enough for one roll of toilet paper, which eliminates the potential for contraband storage.

Recessed Soap Holder

Recessed Soap DishRecessed soap holders provide ample storage for soap without providing anchor points; the unit is flush with the wall with recessed storage for a bar of soap.   These units are fabricated from stainless steel and will not rust.

Door Hardware

Antiligature locksets and barrel type continuous hinges eliminate attach points on doors.  The SER (sentinel event reduction) door is made of flexible material that provides privacy while preventing wedging.

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