Welcome to the Behavioral Safety Solutions Website

Products to reduce the likelihood of patient suicideThis Behavioral Safety Solutions website serves as a point of reference for architects, facility and property managers, healthcare providers and organizations seeking patient safety solutions that reduce the likelihood of a sentinel event, specifically suicide.  This website provides references and links to information and products designed to improve the safety of patients likely to harm themselves.  It also provides solutions that enable healthcare providers to maintain compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements while minimizing the risk of patient suicide.

There are a variety of products designed specifically for high risk patients, such as antiligature hooks, break-away shower rods, and anti-suicide grab bars.  The anti-suicide grab bars maintain compliance with ADA requirements while eliminating anchor points.  Antiligature hooks and break-away shower rods are designed to release with excessive load.  Anti-suicide doors and shower fixtures eliminate anchor points for those seeking to do harm to themselves.

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